UK, Ireland & France Ferries.

Latest ferry offers,  prices and ferry options between Ireland, France  & the UK.

Sailings from Ireland Port's.

Dublin Port
-- sailings to 2 UK ports.
  • Irish ferries and Stenaline sail to Holyhead  in Wales & Irishferries to Cherbourg
  • P&O sail to Liverpool  
  • - - over  10 sailings per day --
--  sailings to UK and France
  • Irish ferries sail to Pembroke in Wales
  • Stenaline sail to  Fishguard and to Cherbourg in France
  • - -over 10 sailings per week--
-- sailings to 2 UK ports
  • Stenaline sail to Cairnryan and Liverpool
  • 6 daily sailings to Scotland
  • - - 2 sailings dailiy to Liverpool  --
-- sail to France or Spain
  •  Cork to Santander in Spain twice a week
  • Roscoff France twice a week
  • - - Cork to Spain or France  --

Sailings from the UK & France Port's.

Holyhead, Wales
-- sail to Dublin.
  • Irishferries and Stenaline sail to Dublin
  • Fastest service is Irishferries
  • up to 10 sailings a day
Liverpool, England
-- Belfast to Liverpool
  • Stenaline offer sailings to Belfast from Liverpool

Cherbourg, France
-- to Dublin and Rosslare
  • Stenaline sail to Cherbourg
  • Irishferries from Dublin
  • Stenaline from Rosslare
Roscoff, France
-- To Rosslare
  • from Roscoff to Rosslare 
  • Brittany ferries to Plymouth UK
  • All year round

List of other UK ports:

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With sailings between Ireland, United Kingdom and France, Irish Ferries offer a wide range of sailings and special offers


Stenaline routes currently include the following:

Dublin Port- Holyhead 
Belfast- Cairnryan
Belfast - Liverpool

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