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Irish Ferries operates a number of car ferry services between Ireland, Britain and France.

Irish Ferries operates the following services:

  • Irish Sea:  Dublin to Holyhead.
  • Irish Sea:  Rosslare to Pembroke
  • Continental:  Dublin (Ireland) to Cherbourg (Normandy, France)
  • Continental:  Rosslare (Ireland) to Cherbourg (Normandy, France)
  • Continental:  Rosslare (Ireland) Roscoff (Brittany, France).

Irish Ferries main site is :

IrishFerries journey times.

The table below shows details of the IrishFerries,com vessels, passenger capacities and journey times.

Ship name Route Journey time   Passenger capacity
Ulysses Dublin Port to Holyhead 3 hours 20 minutes   The Ulysses can carry 1,800 passengers and has room for over 1,200 cars.
Isle of Inishmore Rosslare Europort to Pembroke 4 hours 10 minutes approx   Can cater for over 2,000 passengers and more than 800 standard passenger cars.
Oscar Wilde Rosslare to Cherbourg/Roscoff between 16 and 18 hours travel time   Over 1,400 passengers and 580 cars can be fitted on this vessel - also with 1,300 beds/berths.
Dublin Swift Dublin Port to Holyhead 1 hour 50 approx    
Epsilon Dublin to Holyhead
Dublin Port to Cherbourg
3 hours 30 minutes between Dublin and Holyhead and approx 18-20 hours between Dublin and Cherbourg.   Operates between Dublin and Holyhead mid week sailings and from Dublin to Cherbourg at weekends


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Updated 07th May 2018