Benefits and advantages of travel by ferry.


Ferry travel has changed a lot since the days when ferries may have resembled cattle ships than transport suitable to start and end your family holiday.Over the past few decades there has been a huge improvement in the standards of ferry vessels operating between Ireland, Britain and France. Please see details of current options for ferry travel between Ireland, the UK and France below:

Ferries between Ireland and the UK

Ferries between Ireland and France

Advantages of ferry travel - list of benefits.

There are several benefits and advantages to ferry travel when compared to air travel and Ferry companies have continued to invest in their services and infrastructure to offer new levels of comfort. Ferry travel journey time is of course longer than air travel but these days the facilities on board often mean that families often find the ferry journey very enjoyable. And of course when the car is included with the booking, that offers so many additional travel options when you arrive at your holiday location

Here are some of the reasons that holiday makers choose to to travel by ferry rather than flying:

  1. Your own car with you to travel onwards from the ferry and to use for day trips/shopping etc.
  2. Often no baggage restrictions - fill your car and go
  3. Many people fear flying and ferries offer a more relaxed experience.
  4. Less additional charges and taxes than air travel
  5. Lots more space to relax or move around
  6. Onboard lounges
  7. Less check in queues 
  8. Food in a choice of onboard restaurants
  9. More family friendly - including nappy changing and room for play areas
  10. Cinema and entertainment for children
  11. Usually wi-fi access

Irish Ferries operates a number of car ferry services between Ireland, the UK and France.

Irish Ferries operates the following services:

  • Irish Sea:  Dublin to Holyhead.
  • Irish Sea:  Rosslare to Pembroke
  • Continental:  Dublin (Ireland) to Cherbourg (Normandy, France)
  • Continental:  Rosslare (Ireland) to Cherbourg (Normandy, France)
  • Continental:  Rosslare (Ireland) Roscoff (Brittany, France).

Irish Ferries main site is :

Updated 24th May 2018